REAL TALK – Effortless takes a lot of effort…

When we picked “lightness“ / “effortlessness” as our new theme for hey me, it felt like a super fitting human need to talk about. The summer had just started. Finally sun – everyone feeling happy and chill. But every time I thought about it, or when I talked about it with my colleges Alice and Nina, I noticed it WAS everything but easy. 

My need for it was huge, but I didn’t really seem to ever get there. It was more like a bullet point on my to do-list. Something I’d do sometime in the future – when all these other “important” things had been taken care of. 


Sitting back and letting go and let things have it’s course is nothing I have ever learned. Our society celebrates “hard work”, overtime, and everything that is the opposite of the mentioned above is just bad. And let’s just say that current circumstances haven’t helped. 


Lingon & Ljung

First it was the environment; climate change, then came corona, then war in Ukraine. 


The last years have been hard on us all. Some of us lost our jobs and had to reinvent ourselves completely. Others our social life. And far too many our mental health. Some have been stuck in overwhelming situations, juggling our children’s education as well as a job, some as self-employed, watching our business go down the drain. Some stayed home longer with our babies than we had planned for, and worry about everything from getting back to work to our pension.


Trying to find ease in all that fear and sense of lost freedom and control seemed close to impossible.

Frankie the hot dog

Now, I am back in Sweden, my home country. I’m here for a while for personal reasons. Unfortunately, not the “light and effortless” kind, but here, for the first time in a really long time, I am starting to feel that lightness again and I think it comes partly from regaining some feeling of control and being back, closer to nature. 



I’ve only been here for a few weeks, but I already felt that feeling again. Mostly when I take our dog Frankie, and go into the woods, right behind our house. We just walk, look, feel and smell nature – my happy place – and when I look at the expansion and growth that surrounds me there, I actually understand that life can be effortlessly, light – if I follow the natural flow – meaning allowing every need I have, as a human, to take it’s space and place.


The structures in our society really fails us here – through a belief system focused on “doing” and “achieving”. The same ideals that get us sick and burned out. I noticed that ease and effortlessness might even be one of the most important needs we have to find balance again – and the world needs balance. All the mentioned terrors above are products of inbalance.


That’s why I love us – hey me! 


Because understanding that I need more effortlessness and ease in my life is the first step into actually allowing myself to fulfil that need and fulfilled needs is the essence of abundance.


We are so close. We have our basic needs covered!!

We just have to become better at questioning the beliefs we have created.

Especially the ones that treats us like robots instead of human beings.


If you want to learn how to battle those limiting beliefs joing our September workshop – all about ease and EFFORTLESSNESS.


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